Saturday, December 31, 2005

My first "review"

This month I got to review a new children's museum which opened near our neighborhood. I was excited to see the museum, and excited to try something a little bit different with my writing - a review. It turned out I loved the museum and couldn't wait to take my kids there, so here is the glowing review.

"KidsQuest Children's Museum -- Exciting new Eastside space for fun and learning", ParentMap, January 2006

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K Lucas said...

Well done, Laurie!

This review really created a picture in my mind of the museum environments; I could easily imagine various kinds of play and learning activities we could share with our 18 month old.

I especially appreciated your mention of nitty-gritty details us mommies love to know: stroller parking, bathroom facilities, available snacks, etc.

Hope to see you and your family there sometime - we're sure to visit!