Saturday, December 31, 2005

My first "review"

This month I got to review a new children's museum which opened near our neighborhood. I was excited to see the museum, and excited to try something a little bit different with my writing - a review. It turned out I loved the museum and couldn't wait to take my kids there, so here is the glowing review.

"KidsQuest Children's Museum -- Exciting new Eastside space for fun and learning", ParentMap, January 2006

Write what you know

This is an article in which I got to be my own expert. My husband and I have had plenty of experience traveling with our two small children. Many of our friends and family think we're crazy (and some of our trips have occasionally bordered on insanity), but we love having the opportunity to expose them to new things. I'm confident it is good for their development, even if they're too young to remember the actual experiences.

"Holiday travel with babies and toddlers", ParentMap, December 2005