Monday, April 04, 2005

A little flattery

It's always nice to receive compliments on your work. After doing the article and school profiles for Judy’s Book Greater Seattle, Liesel Pollvogt wrote:

Thanks Laurie--you did an *awesome* job on these. I was impressed with your quick turn-around, quality of writing, and how you instantly "got" what this was all about and were able to get started without a bunch of questions. Thanks again for your hard work and quick turn-around on this! There may well be work in the future if all goes well!

Friday, April 01, 2005

School profiles

In March, I worked on writing summaries for several schools based on survey data obtained from parents by Judy’s Book Greater Seattle, including:

  • 65th Street Cooperative Preschool

  • The Clearwater School

  • Epiphany School

  • French American School of Puget Sound

  • Hilltop Elementary School

  • The Nova Project

  • Pike Market Child Care and Preschool

  • The Evergreen School

  • Westside School

I also wrote an article for them entitled "A great preschool means a great fit."

[2007-06-01: Unfortunately, they seem to have taken down all of their articles and now have only community reviews and product deals, so my school summaries and article appear to be no longer available. Broken links have been removed.]